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Aligning With The New Age (5D): Releasing Fears & Misconceptions About The New Age Of ‘Love & Light’

The term ‘New Age’ is a phenomena that is gently blowing around the spiritual world more and more, depending on how tuned into it you are. But what is all this New Age malarkey all about anyway, and what does it actually mean? Some people seem to be excited about this new ‘Golden Age’ and happily spread the words ‘Love and Light’ around like it’s the new trend. For others however, they seem to reject the notion of the New Age with a strong passion, and assert that it is something to be feared. They may feel as though darkness is being completely ignored and may say things like “Light without dark is a very dangerous thing!” So why is it that for some, this new age is exciting and all about love and light, but for others it is something threatening and disturbing?

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Having a higher perspective, means that our level of consciousness is raised above and beyond the limitations of our immediate circumstances.

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